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  • This resource is designed to help companies in the construction industry know about and comply with the stormwater rules in their area.

    Many states now offer valuable assistance on the Internet.  Finding it is not always easy.  This resource includes a page for every state with links to the resources available from the state, arranged to make it as easy as possible for you to pick out what you will need.  The information is presented in five steps, to answer the following questions:

    • Do I need a permit?
    • How do I apply for a stormwater permit?
    • Where can I find permit application forms and instructions?
    • Whom should I contact for more information?
    • Where can I find additional stormwater compliance resources?

    If a state provides other items of possible interest for stormwater compliance, they are listed in the "Additional Resources" section.

    Sometimes when you follow these links, you will be taken to a long page or document.  Check the "SWRL hints" for help in finding exactly where in the document the specific information you need is located.

    Please note that occasionally some states may leave obsolete information in place.  You may want to check with the contacts listed for your state to be sure you are getting up-to-date information.

    Click here for the authorization status for EPA's Construction and Industrial Programs.

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